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How To: Beachy Curls

The one question I get time and time again is "how do I get my curls to look like yours". I've created a video on how to do just that! Disclaimer: this is my very first tutorial video! Yes, I ramble a little bit, and no its probably not the most perfect tutorial out there but it definitely walks you through how to get those perfect beachy curls. In this video I talk about what products are great to achieve that look, and a very broken down step by step on how to use your iron. Below, I'll reiterate what products I mention in my video, and I'll link my online store for you to access to get those products on your doorstep!

EVER.SMOOTH- Activated by the heat of your blow dryer, this lightweight spray creates the ultimate silky, smooth blow dry with softness, volume and a frizz free finish. EVER.SMOOTH isn't just for straight looks though, it helps hold curls and waves when used with your favorite hot tool.

SESSION.SPRAY FLEX- Flexible, weightless and never flaky, this hardworking hair spray is the perfect finish for those seeking a lighter, lived in hold. Offering the same anti-humectant and anti-static properties of the beloved SESSION.SPRAY, this flash-drying formula is a quick fix for setting your style while being nearly undetectable in the hair. For every can of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX sold, a financial contribution will be made to help reduce global carbon emissions.

DOO.OVER- part of the KEVIN.MURPHY thickening regimen, to give the hair a light, airy texture through to the ends – it’s like a dry shampoo powder morphed into a finishing spray so the end result is always soft, with the coveted ‘lived-in’ look. Perfect for the ladies looking for volume.

BEDROOM.HAIR- delivers that sexy, textured, groomed but yet perfectly messy look that screams I didn’t try too hard – although you probably did! This is the one product that will be your ideal companion for hold, shine and flexibility.

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