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How To: French Braid & Keep Your Kiddo's Hair From Tangling

One thing I get asked pretty frequently from parents is " how do I keep my daughters hair from being a mess all the time?" Having been a tangly headed mess of a kid myself, I've experienced that early morning, or post shower fight with a parent about brushing my hair. I'm sure if you talked to my dad he'd be the first one to tell you how he had to learn the hard way about ballet buns, and braids. In our household, we found the golden ticket to kicking those "brush your hair" arguments. We were shower and shampoo before bed kind of kids, and found that french braiding post shower solved a lot of those nape of the neck knots. Try to say that ten times fast! In this video I go over the perfect detangling product- UN.TANGLED to help with wet hair brushing. I also walk you through how to do two different kinds of french braids. If you want to purchase the products I use in this video click Here

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